Do These 4 Things when You’re About to lose your mind job Hunting

Looking for a job can be a vicious process. Despite that the unemployment rate has decreased over the past few years, getting a job seems to be even more difficult and complicated than it has ever been before. Seeking a job can be frustrating, disheartening, discouraging, and aggravating.

Repeatedly, you submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio without hearing anything back or instead receiving a rejection email. You can conduct a thorough investigation on the company you are interviewing with, write out detailed interview questions and answers, practice in front of a mirror, camera, or with a friend, only to once again have the position go to another candidate.

The relentless search for employment can make the sanest individual go insane. However, when you feel especially pessimistic about the long and brutal job hunt, it’s important to remain balanced and calm. Here are some ways to not lose your mind when job hunting:

Take a Break

Taking a break is an obvious resolution when someone feels overwhelmed. When you need to regain composure, you might listen to your favorite song or go on a walk for an hour or two, only to lose patience, again, a little while later. Instead of taking a few hours off from job hunting, take a day off, or a few days. If you take more than a few hours off, you’re less likely to get burned out quickly. Besides checking your email or answering a call from an employer, completely disregard anything having to do with looking for a job. An employment listing is most likely still going to be there when you get back to the job hunting procedure. Instead, just relax and get ready for the next round of job searching cruelty. You’re going to need all the rest you can get.

Stay Active

Repeatedly submitting your resume and cover letter in a world completely run on technology involves a lot of sitting down. All you need is your laptop, the internet, and a place to sit in order to accomplish your daily tasks. Needless to say, if you’re sitting still for the majority of the day, you’re likely to burn yourself out. While you might think that you are saving valuable time by not working out, exercise is actually very important for your job search. In fact, exercising reduces stress by producing endorphins, increasing your productivity and mental sharpness, and boosts your confidence which you will inevitably need when those rejection letters come your way.

Optimize Your Skillsets

Retaining new knowledge about your industry will definitely give you the motivation necessary to assist with your job hunt. Educating yourself on the newest technology in your industry, or the newest methods and strategies organizations are utilizing can prompt you to work even harder to get an interview so that you can demonstrate your new understandings. Also, when you learn as much as possible about a position and its industry, you’re confidence is likely to increase. Learning can be exciting, and that excitement can help you focus on the bigger picture – getting a job.

Because the job searching process can be lengthy and competitive, pursuing a certification relevant to your field is a good idea. Getting certified in a specific skillset makes you stay ahead of the competition and perhaps get hired faster. For instance, if your industry is marketing, get HubSpot certified, or study for your AdWords certificate.

Practice the Law of Attraction

Be responsible for the energy that you bring with you on a daily basis. Being stressed out and in a bad mood during the employment-seeking process is sending a negative signal to the universe. The universe is responding to your stress and matching your negativity. So stop thinking about how much you hate job seeking, and stop worrying that you won’t find a job. Identify your negative thoughts and turn it into something positive instead. After all, your emotions are more powerful than your words, and wanting something while feeling bad, fearful or doubtful about it is simply unattainable.

Lastly, the physical and mental pressure that comes with job searching can severely hinder your spirit, which can ultimately lead to a burnout. In order to be successful in your job hunt, you need to put yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take a break when you feel it necessary, get up and get moving, identify new ways to keep you inspired and stay positive.

How do you stay sane while job hunting?

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