DIY fall Projects on a Budget

The arrival of fall means it’s time to say goodbye to the blooming flowers and greenery that made up summer. In its place, we welcome colder weather as it brings with it colors of amber, gold, and bronze. The sight of the vibrant multi-colored leaves tumbling around make it hard not to feel creative during this time of year.

Nevertheless, making your own autumn inspired home decor can help you elevate the season as you beautify your home with the significant characteristics of fall.

Here are three simple DIY decor projects that will ready your home for fall:

Candy Corn Light Holders:

Candy corn may be Halloween’s most controversial snack to eat, but the orange, yellow, and white triangular candy make for some charming decor. All that’s needed for this DIY project are three materials: Candy corn, glass jars, and tea lights.

Take any sized chalice, jug, vase, or any type of glass holder and simply fill it with candy corn. Then, pop an appropriate-sized candle on top, light it ablaze and enjoy the aroma of melted sweet candy corn. All of these items can be found at the dollar store, calculating this project at $3 total.

Place it on the coffee table while cozying up with a blanket, set it on the nightstand when reading a good book, or use it as a centerpiece for the dining table.  

Glitter Pumpkins

Undoubtedly, pumpkins are the most popular accessory of the season. Whether they’re sprinkled around the house in their miniature form, or carved into scary faces and set out on the front porch, they are everyone’s favorite fall decoration. A different way to incorporate pumpkins into the home this season and liven up your fall decor is by making glitter pumpkins.

The only materials needed for this DIY activity are artificial pumpkins, glitter (garnet, copper/orange metallic, and copper), mod podge, and a crafting brush. Artificial pumpkins are always in stock this time of year and can be found at the dollar store along with the crafting brush. The rest of the materials can be found at any shopping center around $4 for an 8oz container, totaling this project around $11 to create.

Begin by applying mod podge to the artificial pumpkin using a craft brush. Then, easily dust the glitter over the mod podge for a glistening finish. If desired, spray the glittered pumpkin with a finishing spray, aerosol hairspray, or give it a light layer of mod podge to prevent access glitter from flaking off.

Autumn Inspired Mason Jars

Mason jars have made a triumphant return in recent years as their versatility and historic charm make for uniquely modern decor. Including mason jars into fall decor for the home can be done in many creative ways, one of which is by painting them. All that’s needed for this DIY project are mason jars, autumn-colored chalk paint, sand-paper, and a crafting brush. You can find the chalk paint at Michaels for $7.99, and the rest of the items can be found at the dollar store, equaling around $11.

Begin my propping the mason jar upside down and apply the chalk paint with the crafting brush, covering the entire jar. Wait a few hours for the paint to dry dried, then rub the sandpaper evenly throughout the jars creating a rustic look. Toss some sunflowers inside and use the jars for a vase or just set them atop a shelf anywhere in the house for a timeless appeal.

Autumn can bring with it a refreshing feeling of creativity. The crisp air and the changing of the leaves can inspire a person to redecorate their home more appropriate for the season, making fall the perfect time to beautify the home with DIY fall decor.

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