A look Inside Intermodal Transportation

Deciding to ship your product by way of intermodal transportation might seem like an uncertain move if your company has little or no experience using this supply chain resource.

To ease any uncertainty, it is important to understand what modes of transportation are available to transport your goods and the overall benefits attributed to intermodal solutions.

Intermodal services can offer your company the most convenient, cost-effective, and safe way for your products to reach their destination in a timely, efficient, and careful manner.

Modes of Transportation Truckload

Services like Roadrunner Truckload offers a reliable, customer-focused, and full truckload service that accommodates the entire U.S. and beyond US borders. Roadrunner offers trucks where and when you need them with a fleet of over 4,000 drivers and ICs, developing a service that your customers can rely on.

Sometimes with drayage, there are several inconvenient requirements that delay shipment, such as traffic patterns, disruptive weight stations, and so forth. Intermodal transportation easily transports your product avoiding delays and distractions.

Moving freight in intermodal containers reduces transportation cost, and shipping product by truck allows for significant savings on fuel. This ultimately saves your company time, and money.

Air Freight

Roadrunner’s international intermodal solutions include freight forwarding by aircraft. This particular mode of transportation is commonly used for urgent and high-valued items, time sensitive freight, as well as perishable goods.

Due to the weight and packaging specifications of products being shipped via air, Ascent Global Logistics, an extension of Roadrunner, ensures that your product is handled and packaged carefully and as according to material requirements.

Their international freight forwarding team is qualified to handle your complex global logistics needs with expertise and superb attention to detail.

Transporting your product by plane is a highly secure and safe way to send freight. This is due to cargo being tightly secured by airport safety control, thus limiting theft and damage.

Ocean Freight

One of the most desired intermodal solutions that companies prefer to use when shipping internationally is ocean freight. This is because ocean freight solutions is the most economical way to ship products long distances. Additionally, there is greater material flexibility and quantity that can be transported.

Roadrunners international freight forwarding solutions ensures that its carriers hold NVOCC certification, have quality training, and offer state-of-the art technology to effectively manage shipments traveling all across the globe.

For convenience, Roadrunner offers flexible import and export services which include FCF full container, LCL less-than-container loads, premium and standard service, door to port, door to door, amongst other features.

Rail Freight

According to the Association of American Railroads, railroads are the most environmentally safe way to move freight, with trains being approximately four times more fuel efficient than trucks. As fuel can end up becoming costly for long distance trucking, trains use considerably less diesel than trucks and can move one ton of product for about 450 miles on one gallon of fuel.

Shipping freight by train can also be safer for cargo, as trains travel on a fixed track and are therefore less likely to be in an accident.

The team at Ascent Global Logistics will work closely with your company to determine new cost saving strategies and increase your supply chain performance.

Ultimately, Intermodal transportation is the most economical, effective, and flexible solution that companies use to ship their products.

Roadrunner works together with various intermodal companies, qualifying them to offer your company multiple solutions to ship your freight to its desired destination timely, safely, and economically.

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