3 ways to keep your Email out of the spam Folder

Implementing a solid email marketing campaign is essential to a business’ success, as email marketing can offer something that another business strategy cannot: the ability to reach potential clients on a personal level at their convenience.

Pursuing recipient engagement through your email marketing can however be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not providing your customers, leads, and prospects with information that they’ll deem valuable, expect them to disregard your email as well as the hard work you put into it.

As a result, when emails are being sent regularly to recipients who are not engaging, eventually their email account will take notice and automatically send your email to spam.

Therefore, in order for your email marketing campaign to be successful, you need to first understand how to get your recipients engagement in order to remain in their inbox. Here are a couple areas worth examining if your emails are getting redirected to spam:

  • Examine the subject line and delete any words or characters that could redirect your email to spam. “Spammy” language can ultimately set off email provider spam filters. Be conscious of and delete any emoji’s, exclamation marks and percentage signs you’re including in the subject line, as well.

  • Grow your email list organically instead of purchasing from a third party company as to avoid violating the CAN-SPAM Act. It’s possible that purchased emails belong to people who have already opted out of receiving an email from your company or the list might have been created using illegal methods. Therefore, it’s ideal to send only to those who have asked to receive your emails.

  • Recognize your buyer personas. Your company website draws in traffic from a multitude of potential customers who each have varying needs and preferences. Given so, a single email copy couldn’t possibly contain enough information to satisfy everyone’s questions.

    In order to nurture your leads to the point of purchase, you’ll need to have different email copies with content specific enough that addresses each personas questions and concerns.

To ensure successful email deliverability, make sure you know who you’re buyer personas are so that the content you send them will entice them enough to open your email. In addition, work smarter, not harder by taking the time to grow your email list instead of buying from a sketchy company, and double check your subject like to make sure your words aren’t spam triggering.

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