Create Content that will Drive Results Without a team

A company’s marketing department is essentially the heart of the business. Without marketing, there would be no sales, and without sales, you wouldn’t have a company. Needless to say, the strategies and methods a marketer implements are significantly important to the business.

Given the critical role that marketing plays in the success of a company, small marketing teams or those only consisting of a single person can be challenging and stressful. However, with strategy, planning, and comprehensibility, managing the marketing department with little or no help can be achievable. 

Ultimately, content is the driving point for all inbound marketing initiatives and plays an integral part in every inbound methodology stage. The verbiage you create as a marketer should be informative, useful, and logical to appeal to your target audience and to induce successful action from your customers.

Research your Buyer Personas

Whether you are writing a blog for your company’s website, corresponding an email, or posting on social media, the content should speak directly to your buyer personas.

In order to effectively write for your audience though, you first must figure out who they are.

When determining your buyer personas, identify your current customers and your prospective customers and look for similarities. For instance, their demographics, job title, educational background, shopping preferences, preferred social networks, and so forth.

Be Aware of your Tone

Now that you’ve figured out who your audience is, you can tailor your content accordingly. In everyday communication, we tailor our tone based on the people we talk to and the topic of conversation. Therefore, marketers should consider if their writing should be serious, fun, personable, authoritative, and so forth.

While your tone should adapt based on your target market, your voice and the information you provided, does not. Merely, you are just creating content in a way that your audience can digest easily based on their character.

Present Useful Content

Your readers need to find value in the content you compose for them. If they don’t find significance in what you’re saying, then they’ll likely look elsewhere.

When talking to your audience, make sure that you’re solving a problem or answering a question that your readers might have about your company, product, or service. Also, provide new and useful information about your brand or industry that you think your personas should know.

Your content should be created to help people, so your writing should be produced in a way that lets them know you understand their problems, challenges, and goals. If you’re unsure about what content should be considered useful, look at the information clients have previously inquired, or research a competitive company’s FAQ on their website to get an idea of what information you should provide to your target audience.

Automate your Content

Using marketing automation software to schedule your inbound marketing content ahead of time can save small or single person marketing department greatly on time, stress, and convenience. Marketing automation can help you gain customer intelligence and nurture relationships with leads that aren’t yet ready to purchase your company’s service or product. With marketing automation, you can categorize your prospect customer’s buyers journey level, send them the correct content, and prioritize your time on who is most likely to buy.

Managing the inbound marketing department of your company as a small or one person team does not have to be as demanding as one might think. If you understand the objective of your buyer personas then you can effectively adjust your writing to meet the needs of your audience and create content specific to their needs and wants. Lastly, implementing a marketing automation software to track persona behavior will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

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