About Me

cropped-ea624a66-ffec-45d5-afc1-bc653e8d2e5b.jpegWhile pursuing a bachelors degree in journalism, I immersed myself in creating content for the university magazine. My areas of interest focused primarily on topics related to fashion and lifestyle.

After moving to Chicago, I fell upon event marketing which granted me the opportunity to work with both small or prominent national and international companies. I was able to absorb and practice each individual companies sales and marketing techniques, communication styles, and product demonstration specifics.

Marketing became my central focus of interest as I sought different niches, including working for companies as an email marketing, a digital marketing, and an inbound marketing specialist. Eventually, I became HubSpot certified in inbound, email, and content marketing.

Around this time, I found my way back to writing. Content marketing has allowed me to combine my educational and professional background and utilize my expertise in both of my beloved interests.

Thus began my freelance writing pursuit. As a freelance writer, I’ve been able to impact consumer awareness for my customers across various media channels. I am equipped in composing content for legal groups, marketing agencies, and business consultants. In addition, I am also skilled at writing lifestyle blogs that include DIY content, as well as events, restaurants, and other points of interest in and around Chicago for several real estate companies.

During my free time, I enjoy reading mostly non-fiction, pursuing emotional and physical balance by frequenting the gym, hunting for vintage decor pieces at thrift shops, and practicing photography as a modest amateur.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope our crosses path soon!